About Us

The MISSION of The Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia is to
Unite as black men to provide a clean, safe and secure environment for the women, children, and elders of our communities through membership and leadership that will embrace our neighborhoods with their presence and resources to uplift and empower targeted areas of Philadelphia.

Our VISION is to promote public safety and empowerment in the black communities of Philadelphia.  We are a community service organization engaged in employing strategies that will stabilize those targeted areas that require our services. 

Our VALUES - We Will Lead By Example
Our conduct and rules of engagement will exemplify the love and respect we have for our communities and ourselves.

"Healing begins where the wound was made.” -Alice Walker


The Goal

The Goal of The Black Male Community Council of Philadelphia is to transform hot-spots in Philadelphia neighborhoods into peaceful, clean and safe environments for the women, children, and senior citizens to live. 

Our organization will facilitate collaborative partnerships between community stakeholders, law enforcement, religious and political leadership to foster strong community engagement and reduce violence in targeted areas of the city.


Our Vision

Recognizing the socioeconomic challenges and complexities of Philadelphia neighborhoods, B.M.C.C.P. has established five committees to implement strategies that will stabilize five identified "hotspots," or high-crime targeted areas of the city by engaging 500 Black Men as Community Partners of B.M.C.C.P. 

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