Boots On the Ground - Which areas in the City will be servicing?

Updated: May 8, 2019

During the first 90days The B.M.C.C. will be focused on 5 hot-spots in Philadelphia. These areas are the battle ground for Change!

In 2018, Philadelphia’s homicide rate was the highest in over a decade. There were 1,376 shootings and 351 murders. Fatal shootings have already increased by 7.41% from last year. Of the 130 victims thus far, 108 were Black. The City of Philadelphia has declared violence a public health crisis. Our political, religious, community leaders, and law enforcement have all called for a cease-fire to halt city shootings. Communities gather for candlelight vigils to mourn the loss and support the family and friends of the murder victims. They call for the violence to end; they pledge to keep the memories of the deceased alive, they memorialize the murder scenes with candles, teddy bears, sneakers, and flowers - And repeat!

We have to change this repetitive behavior and take back our communities one block at a time.

The Hot-Spots

1. 16th Street & Susquehanna Avenue

2. 12th & Huntingdon Streets

3. 16th & Wingohocking Streets

4. 55th & Baltimore Avenue

5. South Philadelphia (TBD)

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