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Updated: May 8, 2019

The first 90 day of our Boots on The Ground all Hands on Deck will begin June 1st, 2019.

Recognizing the socioeconomic challenges and complexities of our Philadelphia neighborhoods, B.M.C.C.P. has established five committees to implement the following strategies that will stabilize ten identified "hot-spots," or high-crime targeted areas of the city by engaging 500 Black Men as Community Partners of B.M.C.C.P.

The Steering Committee of The B.M.C.C.P. will:

○ Give strategic direction to programs

○ Support the committees/community partner

The Security Committee will:

○ Establish trust within targeted neighborhoods

○ Organize and monitor surveillance schedules to maintain security

The Cleanup Committee will:

○ Identify areas of the community that require cleanup (i.e. ally ways, parks, vacant lots, etc.)

○ Coordinate with City agencies for assistance, equipment, and supplies

The Education Committee will:

○ Offer gender-specific parenting skills

○ engage the community in cultural studies

○ teach and provide tools for conflict resolution and mediation skills

○ identify community sites to offer information and educational supports within the service areas to the communities at-risk male population and returning citizens.

The Mediation Committee will:

○ Work with and provide training to community partners on how to identify, prevent, and mediate conflicts

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